Product Applications


The microstructures of our patches consist exclusively of the respective active ingredients. When applied, they penetrate the epidermis and then diffuse where they are needed. Absorption by the skin as with skin creams is not necessary.

We completely eliminate the use of metal as a transport medium. Our transport medium is the ingredient itself.

Our patches carry up to 900 micro-cones, each with a diameter only 1/3 that of a human hair. This allows 17 mg of pure ingredients to be transported. The delivery rate of over 80% is by far the market leader.



The innovative microstructure technology of goodlifescience allows completely new, efficient ways also for cosmetic application. Targeted anti-aging patches are applied exactly where the valuable ingredients, such as our cross-linked hyaluronic acid, are needed. Purely topical applications on the skin, such as ointments and creams, are thus clearly distinguishable from this microstructure technology.

In cosmetic applications, particular attention is also paid to the hygiene aspect, which can be ensured by the certified manufacturing process under the very highest standards. This is an important advantage over derma rollers, for example. 

With our own brand „AndShine“ we offer these high-quality microstructure patches in the cosmetic segment with three product variants:

  1. The YOUTH PATCH as a targeted wrinkle treatment in the area of the mouth-nose wrinkles or the frown line.
  2. The ALL STAR EYE PATCH as a targeted, effective long-lasting treatment for the under-eye area

The CLEAR SKIN PATCH for quick intervention in case of skin blemishes/pimpels


In the field of self-care, we test and develop product concepts based on our patented microstructure technology for simple and safe home use in the health sector. This includes, for example, nutrient supply or general medical applications.

Through standardized and precisely quality-controlled manufacturing, maximum application safety can be combined with maximum efficiency to make the use of the patches both convenient and effective.

In this way, we are working on a future that will simplify things in many interesting segments of the self-care field and at the same time raise the quality standard to a completely new level.


Another highly interesting and innovative field of application for microstructure patches is the medical sector.

Studies have shown that completely new perspectives are opening up in the field of immunization against infectious diseases and hyposensitization for allergies.

Vaccination with microstructure patches would have considerable advantages over conventional vaccination, since there is no need for cold chains and no preservatives are required.

Moreover, in the event of a catastrophe, if the situation requires it, vaccination can even be carried out by medical laypersons. Initial tests show that immunization via the skin can probably achieve better immunization in diseases that are transmitted via the mucous membranes.

In the field of application of hyposensitization in allergy therapy, the decisive advantage is that the site of antigen contact is the skin and the primary site of action is the Langerhans‘ cells located there. Langerhans‘ cells are inactive dendritic cells in the stratum spinosum of the epidermis, which serve for antigen presentation and belong to the so-called mononuclear-phagocytic system.

The risk of contact of the antigen with the bloodstream and the resulting life-threatening complication of anaphylactic shock can thus be significantly reduced compared to classical hyposensitization procedures.