What we do

Setting new standards for the future of cosmetic, pharmaceutical and medical products.

We present a profound change to dermal treatments: transdermal drug delivery technology. The revolutionary, non-invasive method uses a transdermal patch with self-dissolving microstructures, to supply nutrients or drugs beneath the skin where they are needed most, thereby maximizing the effect of treatments.

It’s powerful. It’s painless. And its possibilities for use in cosmetics and medicine are endless. 

We introduced a radical skincare product portfolio based on the coveted anti-ageing compound cross-linked hyaluronic acid. This will be followed by a series of groundbreaking healthcare, lifestyle and beauty products.

Our Technology

Easy. Fast. Secure & Effective.

The transdermal patch introduces a new way to look at the skin’s beauty and health: from the inside. Unlike superficial creams or invasive injections, our technology is able to transport different nutrients and active ingredients into the dermis to resolve a variety of cosmetic conditions – gently and effectively.

Each patch contains up to 900 of microscopic tips made of a specific nutrient or active ingredient. When applied to the skin, the microstructures gradually dissolve into the lower dermal layers, thus ensuring maximum delivery of the nutrient or active ingredient. This effortless, painless process pioneers a powerful way to care for and through the skin.

Our Vision

Self-care products with maximum effect

Micro-structure patches can provide an easy to use solution for several different use-cases. 

The application principle based on self-disolving micro cones made of the active ingredients itself enables optimum drug delivery as well as easy compliance for use.

This way, this both innovative as well as solid technology opens a range of possibilities for the future next to the existing applications.

A new area of drug delivery technology for a fast changing world with new challenges every day.