Our patented microstructure patches offer a completely new, unique and revolutionary approach to improve conventional ways or even break completely new ground in a wide variety of application fields.

The technology enables easy, safe and effective transdermal absorption of ingredients/active ingredients without the need for excipients or preservatives. The micro-structure consists solely of the active ingredients and thus offers complete purity with maximum efficiency.

Due to the uncomplicated application as a patch, there is the possibility to even perform vaccinations in a much simplified way or to offer self-care solutions in other areas of care and supply.


The advantages of the technology at a glance: 

We provide the dermatological solutions based on the innovative TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System).

Ideal shape, height and layout of the microstructures

The proprietary microstructure enables an outstanding ingredient delivery rate of more than 80% (vs. 10 to 30% for the existing products)

Best quality products on a large scale assured through the Vision Inspection System (VIS)

The Shape of Structures Lead to the Higher Physical Resistance of the Elasticity of the Skin

The Proprietary Shape of Needles Penetrate the Skin with more ease and Higher Efficiency.

World's first microstructure patch by using gel-type Cross-Linked HA

Fully automated high-end production process